William Troop

William Troop

As an editor at The World, I'm crashing against a deadline almost all the time that I'm in the newsroom, editing content for The World's many daily stories.  When I get a chance, though, I like to report on my favorite topic: soccer.  OK, actually soccer takes up most of my non-work life, but I'm cool with that.
I also consider myself a citizen of the world and a global nomad.  I grew up in Mexico and Italy before moving to the United States for college and beyond.  So what better place to work than The World?
That explains why I joined the original team that created The World in 1995.  Since then, I've worn almost all the hats in our newsroom:  producer, director, correspondent and editor. Before joining the team in Boston, I was a producer and editor at National Public Radio, and news director at NPR member station WAMU in Washington.

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Built to last: He's staying in a war zone because he can't bear to leave his 1950s cars

Here's a man who refuses to leave the war-torn city of Aleppo so he can look after his collection of vintage cars. The collection includes some vintage American models from the 1950's like a Chevy pick-up and an elegant Buick sedan. Their owner, Abu Omar, says they've been damaged by the conflict, but he's determined to fix them.