Susannah Roberson

Susannah Roberson


I'm a Durham, NC native and a Public Policy major at Duke University also studying journalism and French. I'm particularly interested in education and family policy.

I love how radio brings stories to life in such an intimate and personal way, and it's always had a place in my life. In my family, cooking and public radio go together like peanut butter and jelly. I'm interested in all corners of the globe, especially France and South Africa, where I've spent time studying and working.

Beyond journalism, I'm a dancer and a huge ballet nerd (that's a thing) and my favorite place to be is a North Carolina beach.

Recent Stories


In Iran, where the women school the men on surfing

People were welcoming, but they were surprised, when a team of modestly dressed women surfers showed up in a remote corner of Iran. They had never seen surfing before. "Because we were only women in the water, they thought it was a sport for women," says French director Marion Poizeau. "So the men asked us if they could also do it."


'Make no mistake, these women are warriors'

The US military operated a unique special operations and intelligence gathering operation during the war in Afghanistan. Half the population was essentially off limits to male soldiers. So the Army created "cultural support teams," all female teams that accompanied special operations units, despite a ban on women serving in combat positions. The job cost one female soldier her life. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon tells her story and that of the cultural support teams in a new book, "Ashley's War."