Steve Dolinsky

I've always felt you can find deliciousness pretty much anywhere. Where some travelers stick to the tried-and-true, I always tend to dig a little bit deeper, because you can often learn a lot about someone — or some culture — through what they eat. 

Ever since I grew up in a kosher home in St. Cloud, Minnesota, eating Empire frozen chickens and TV dinners, I've always been interested in food; mainly, curious about what else was out there. After college at the University of Wisconsin, I became a general assignment news reporter, working in small markets in the Midwest. I then got a job with the Chicago Tribune's news channel - CLTV - where I covered news for two years.

I helped launch the "Good Eating" show, a weekly program based on the Tribune's food section of the same name. In the late 90s, I also started freelancing for publications in Chicago, writing about food and restaurants, and also started working with public radio station WBEZ and PRI's The World.

In 2003, I moved over to ABC 7 News, and under the “Hungry Hound” moniker, create and report two weekly segments featuring Chicago’s best restaurants, bars and food shops.  I have a blog,, co-created The Feed Podcast with Chicago chef Rick Bayless and continue to write about food for the travel sections in The Chicago Tribune and Canada's Globe and Mail.

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