Shuka Kalantari

Shuka Kalantari is a San Francisco Bay Area journalist whose reports have taken her to Turkey, Cambodia, Canada and across the US. She was born near the Caspian Sea in Iran and raised in Northern California. Shuka primarily reports on refugee and immigrant communities in California and internationally. When she's not doing interviews, she likes to be outdoors or go dancing. Also, one day she will write a magical realism children's book.

Recent Stories


Afghan rapper escaped teen marriage by singing about it


A young girl from Afghanistan escaped being forced into marrying a man when she was 14 years old — by writing a rap song about it. The young rapper is now living and going to school in the US, and she’s still making music about social justice in Afghanistan.

Health & Medicine

For some, prenatal care is a community affair

Prenatal care consumes a big part of a pregnant woman's life. There are the monthly appointments, the tests — all on top of whatever is going on at home. And it can be overwhelming. But a new program, called Centering Pregnancy, tries to ease that burden by putting women in groups for their prenatal care.