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Doctors face ethical decisions in Haiti

The medical needs in Haiti are so great, and the resources often so limited, that doctors and nurses working there since the earthquake have had to make some wrenching decisions. Reporter Sheri Fink brings us a rare behind-the-scenes look.

Global Politics

Medical challenges in Haiti

Reporter Sheri Fink, who's also a medical doctor, has been traveling around Port-au-Prince. She's following the work of one of the ?disaster medical assistance teams? that the US Department of Health and Human Services sent to Haiti.


Treating the wounded in Haiti

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter Sheri Fink about the efforts to provide medical care for the thousands of injured still in need of surgical treatment a week after the earthquake.

Global Politics

Kenya's HIV challenge

Sheri Fink reports from Kenya on a public health challenge that comes on the heels of Kenya's own post-election crisis: thousands of Kenyan AIDS patients left their homes during the recent violence