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Devastation in Cuba Following Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit Cuba hard. The storm ripped through Santiago, damaging an estimated 230,000 homes and leaving 11 Cubans dead. Sandy also wiped out thousands of acres of staple crops. Now concerns are growing that food will become scarce.

Conflict & Justice

Russia mourns victims

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Sarah Rainsford about the first funerals for those killed by the Moscow subway bombings, and about Russian President Dmitri Medvedev's call for tougher anti-terrorism measures.

Conflict & Justice

Radio royalties

Hairdressers in Barcelona are threatening a rebellion over a government plan to make hair salons pay royalties for playing the radio in their shops. Sarah Rainsford reports from Barcelona.

Global Politics

Getting Turks to read

According to Turkish government statistics, most Turks do not sit down and read on a regular basis. So the Turkish government has started a campaign to promote reading. The BBC's Sarah Rainsford has the story.