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Conflict & Justice

Burka ban in France

Correspondent Sarah Elzas reports from Paris on the legislation to ban the burka in France. The measure has provoked a lot of criticism, not just from practicing Muslims. A French real estate developer and his wife are taking matters into their own hands.

Arts, Culture & Media

The Class

Nominated in the Best Foreign Language category, "The Class" looks so real, some might think it's a documentary - and a veteran teacher stars in the film. Sarah Elzas talked with director Laurent Cantet, who spent several months in a Paris high school preparing for the film.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit

Noriko Tujiko layers electronic music with Japanese pop sounds. Tujiko makes her home in Paris and that's where reporter Sarah Elzas caught up with her.

Conflict & Justice

Olympic torch trouble

Sarah Elzas reports that the Paris leg of the Olympic torch relay was cut short today after anti-China protests disrupted the event; such protests are expected all along the torch's path to Beijing.