Sara van Note

Sara Van Note

Sara Van Note is an educator, writer, and radio producer currently based in New England. She’s inspired by birdsong and accents, and fascinated by stories of resistance and resilience. She previously reported for KUNM in New Mexico, and once journeyed miles down a rutted arroyo for a story on goat cheese. She’s also reported from Nicaragua, where her work with a women’s community radio project helped her develop a new understanding of the power of radio. Sara tweets: @svannotes.

Recent Stories


The promise of justice is receding, Nicaraguan women say

Nicaraguan lawmakers passed Law 779 three years ago to protect victims of domestic violence — to international praise. But women say the law since has been watered down, and special courts don't have the resources to investigate complaints. Advocates fear women who seek justice could end up worse off, but they vow to fight for the law's original intent.


Making 'The Beautiful Game' even more beautiful for these young Nicaraguans

It’s rare to see young women or girls playing organized sports in rural Nicaragua because they have so many responsibilities: taking care of younger siblings, gathering firewood, cooking, and cleaning. And women are restricted by machismo, and the idea that sports are for men. But a small soccer league is giving girls new opportunities, both on the field and off.


This Nicaraguan woman answers sexism with spraypaint

Twenty-three-year-old Jairisa Sanchez is bucking the odds for women in Nicaragua, which has some of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and violence against women in the Americas. When she’s not working as a graphic designer, Sanchez is a rare graffitera, a female graffiti artist.