Sara Schonhardt

Sara Schonhardt

Sara Schonhardt is a freelance reporter currently writing about and exploring her home state of Ohio after 15 years away. A longtime international reporter, she worked for nearly eight years in Indonesia for outlets such as The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and Voice of America. She was most recently a Jakarta-based staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Schonhardt has always enjoyed writing about social issues and how policies are impacting people. She traveled to Guatemala late last year through a fellowship with the International Reporting Project to document how women were responding to issues related to the environment. 

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Guatemalan women transform their town one brushstroke at a time

Lidia Florentino Cumes Cumez is one of several women working on a project to paint the 800 homes of Santa Catarina Palopó using colors and designs created by indigenous women that imitate their traditional weavings. Nearly 50 homes have been painted thus far, and 150 are on a waitlist for the next round.