Sam Ratner

Sam Ratner writes The World's Critical State newsletter.

He is also a contributing editor Zitamar News and graduate a of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.

Sam writes about civil wars, statebuilding, southern Africa and progressive security policy.

Recent Stories

Critical State

The international politics of COVID-19: Part II

The COVID-19 pandemic has often been portrayed as a system-altering shock to international relations. Critical State takes a deep dive into the work of political scientist Daniel Drezner, who predicts that COVID-19 will result in a greater entrenchment of existing international power structures.

Critical State

Legislating peace and security: Part II

This week, Critical State digs into new research about legislative oversight when it comes to security issues. As historian Peter Roady writes in a new article in the Journal of Policy History, the National Security Agency has escaped congressional oversight with two words: "It's classified."

Critical State

Illiberalism isn't just rising — it's spreading (Part II)

The International Department is the diplomatic wing of the Communist Party of China. It has zeroed in on training foreign parties in its own image, using tools that allow the CPC to teach the blocking and tackling of its approach to governance to a wider audience than ever before. Critical State's Sam Ratner looks into new research on the ID-CPC's global reach.