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Sahar Habib Ghazi

As managing editor of Global Voices, I get to experiment with strategies and think of cool ways to manage our unique, borderless community and completely virtual newsroom. I also help craft editorial and social media policies, plan special coverage and manage syndication partnerships. 

Before joining Global Voices in 2012, I worked as a journalist in Pakistan, where I covered war, elections, earthquakes, floods, human smuggling, and kidney tourism, always searching for hope in my storytelling. In 2006, I helped launch the country's first English language TV station. In 2009, I produced a TV series on US-Pakistan relations, called "The Disposable Ally."

I was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University in 2011, where I explored creating citizen-generated content for mainstream media in Pakistan through Hosh media. 

You can often find me at airports with my baby daughter Nava, while I'm hopping between my two homes in Pakistan and San Francisco.

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