Rob Hugh-Jones

Rob Hugh-Jones
Rob Hugh-Jones is the UK Editor of The World. That means he runs the show’s bureau at BBC Bush House in London and helps link the programme to the rest of the BBC.
In 2005 and 2007-8, Rob was Managing Editor of The World in Boston. More recently, in 2009-10, Rob was Managing Editor of The Takeaway in New York (like The World, The Takeaway is a BBC co-production. It’s partners include WNYC in New York, and The New York Times).
Since joining the BBC around 20 years ago, Rob has had a number of posts. In recent times he was Senior Editorial Advisor for the BBC World Service (ensuring editorial compliance across the BBC’s international output). He was also Executive Producer for the BBC Americas region, with editorial oversight of BBC Spanish, Brazilian, Caribbean, and US co-productions.
Rob began his broadcasting career in independent and BBC local radio as reporter and producer. He moved to the BBC World Service as a newscast writer, then producer/editor on the daily news show, Newshour, and the topical human interest show, Outlook. Rob spent a year at domestic BBC Radio 4, and a total of nearly 4 years in BBC television current affairs, including a year as Assistant Producer of the BBC’s flagship investigative programme, “Panorama”.
As well as the series of recent postings to the US, Rob has reported/produced around the world for the BBC. Examples include covering the seminal 2001 conference on the future of Afghanistan (in Bonn, Germany) and producing/reporting the BBC’s exclusive interview in Hong Kong with Governor Chris Patten ahead of the return of the British colony to China in 1997.
Rob has an abiding passion for America. He won an English-Speaking-Union scholarship to the University of Kentucky in Lexington 2008-9, where he completed an MA in Communications. Rob loves sport, both watching and playing everything from basketball to skiing. To go with his Spanish classes, he’s currently learning the Argentine Tango with his wife, Alice; And he spends an inordinate amount of time looking after our energetic 2-year old, Leo, who (as yet) is showing no interest in Rob’s favorite sport – cricket!