Reid Frazier

Reid Frazier

Reid R. Frazier is a writer and radio producer. His work has aired on NPR, Marketplace, Burn: An Energy Journal, and other places. He’s written for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Quarterly and other magazines. He is an energy and environment producer for Pittsburgh public radio show, The Allegheny Front.

He was a reporter at the North Jersey Herald & News and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He is a graduate of Hampshire College and holds a master’s degree in history from the University of Vermont.

He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Marijke, and their daughters Anya and Ruby.

Recent Stories

Arsenic Released in Frackwater Spills

Frackwater contains many toxic elements and chemicals. Allegheny Fronts Reid Fraizer reports that when it spills into the environment, microbesnatures decomposersstart to clean it up, but in the process they sometimes release arsenic, which can contaminate groundwater. And the cost of correcting leaks from wastewater impoundments is adding up.

Pennsylvania's Complicated Groundwater Contamination

In places in Pennsylvania, well water is unfit to drink, polluted with iron and manganese, but the source of the contamination is complex. Reid Frazier of the Allegheny Front reports that fracking, coal mining, and natural methane formations in the ground combine to muddle the picture.

Petrochemical Boom on the Gulf Coast

Cheap shale gas helps bring prosperity to many formerly depressed regions, but new petrochemical plants could emit toxic pollution.

Is Fracking Making People Sick?

The jury is out on the public health impacts of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, but some health workers are beginning to collect data in an ongoing search for clues.