Rachel Gotbaum

Rachel Gotbaum

Rachel Gotbaum is a radio journalist with two decades of experience. Her expertise is in health and science. She has won numerous national awards for her documentaries and features on end of life care, Alzheimers disease, AIDS, stem cell science, Primary Care doctors and the country's only successful merger of a public and private hospital.

She created the first web cast for The New England Journal of Medicine, where her interviews included President Jimmy Carter talking about efforts to eradicate guinea worm disease world-wide, to an Iraqi whose job was to count civilian casualties of the war, to an Atlanta doctor who aids in prison executions, to an recent American veteran of the war in Afghanistan who was blinded by a roadside bomb, but dreams of becoming a fireman. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Oregonian, CBC, BBC, NPR, Kaiser Health News,The Atlantic and American Public Media.

One of her favorite stories she reported is about a clinic in downtown Boston that treats the feet of homeless people.

When she is not covering sex and death, she will jump at any chance to do a story about food. In 2002, she interviewed Julia Child in her Cambridge kitchen before she donated it to the Smithsonian.


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