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Madea Get Your Gun

"Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail" is the latest in the saga of the gun-toting grandma played by Perry in drag. The movies are hugely popular, but are often panned in reviews. Two critics, Melissa Anderson and Armond White, explain why their colleagues are missing out. Produced by Trent Wolbe.

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Saving Nosadella

In Los Angeles, Kurt visits the J. Paul Getty Museum's conservation studio. Sue Ann Chui shows Kurt around the studio and describes what it takes to restore a 16th century Madonna and Child by the Bolognese painter Nosadella.

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An Old Wise Man Once Said

Writer Henry Alford has a new book called How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They Are Still on This Earth). We sent Alford to Washington Square Park to ask strangers to share their hopes and fears about growing old.

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Elliott Carter

Classical composer Elliott Carter turned 100 last December - and he's still writing music. When Kurt visited him at his home in the West Village, he found Carter to be plain-spoken, funny, and energetic. And he didn't look a day over 80.

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Duplex Planet

Thirty years ago in Boston, David Greenberger took a job at the Duplex nursing home. Out of his conversations with residents, Greenberger created poetry, prose, stage performances and music. Greenberger tells the story of how he found his own voice by listening to others. This story originally aired as part of the Transom Radio Hour.

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Ruthie Foster

Foster grew up listening to Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke, but made her name as a folk singer. She's turned back to soul and blues on her new album, The Truth According to Ruthie Foster. Kurt talked with her in 2007.

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The current violence in Somalia is painfully familiar to K'naan, who grew up in Mogadishu in the 1980's. He loved American hip-hop before he understood English. K'naan's new record is called Troubador. Produced by Matthew Cavnar.