Phillip Martin

Phillip Martin


Since joining WGBH in the spring of 2010, Phillip Martin has reported on human trafficking in southern New England, the Boston Marathon bombing, Whitey Bulger, carbon offset schemes, police shootings, training and race, the Occupy movement and the fishing industry in New England, among other topics. 

On WGBH-TV, he is a regular panelist for Basic Black and an occasional panelist for Beat the Press, and hosted the World Compass 2012 presidential primary coverage. He is a Senior Fellow with the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism and a 2012 International Center for Journalists Ford Foundation Fellow.

In addition, Phillip is executive producer for Lifted Veils Productions, a nonprofit public radio journalism project dedicated to exploring issues that divide and unite society. Phillip has worked as a supervising senior editor for NPR and was NPR’s first national race relations correspondent, from 1998 to 2001. In 1995, in his role as a senior producer, he helped create The World.

Recent Stories

Conflict & Justice

Freedom Riders Ride Again

50 years ago, buses carrying civil rights workers traveled to the South to confront racism. The brutality that the Freedom Riders faced became an international embarrassment. Reporter Phillip Martin joined a group of students who recreated the journey.

Global Politics

Leaving Malta

Some African migrants manage to move on from Malta ? and find new homes in Europe and in the U.S. This is Phillip Martin's final report in our special series on nomadic migration and skin color.

Arts, Culture & Media

Jungle Boys

The Jungle Boys is an makeshift band of percussionists from across the Philippines. Their rehearsal space is the beach. Reporter Philip Martin brings us this audio postcard.

Global Politics

Private militias in the Philippines

Voters across the Philippines head to the polls. But many are concerned about the potential for violence. In recent weeks, 12 local political leaders have been gunned down by politically connected 'private armies.' Phillip Martin reports.

Conflict & Justice

Turmoil in Turkey

Phillip Martin reports on the political turmoil in Turkey following the arrest of former military officials who allegedly plotted a coup against the government years ago.