Nina Feldman

Nina Feldman

Nina Feldman is an independent producer based in New Orleans. She contributes regularly to local NPR affiliate WWNO and focuses on stories about community development, city politics and education. If she could have any superpower it would be to speak every language in the world fluently.  She is also the founder of New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling.

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One family, 2 nations: How to stay together while US keeps them apart

Here in the US, we have our own immigration issues with waves of migrants seeking a better life here. Ilda Sarmiento is one of them. She has three young kids but they don't all live in the same country. Her youngest two live with her in New Orleans. They've never met their big brother, Johan, who was born in Honduras and still lives there with his grandmother. This is the kind of divided family that President Obama's executive order on immigration might have helped. He signed it last year, but it's in legal limbo.