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European cycling race

In the Geo Quiz, we're searching for the Doyenne. La Doyenne means "the oldest". It's also the French nickname for one of Europe's most famous bike races. The race starts and ends in a Belgian city we want you to to name.

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Cacao crops waning

Cacao plantations have been a mainstay for farmers in the Mexican state of Chiapas. But farmers have started to abandon these crops for the more lucrative sugar cane and oil palm plants. Murray Carpenter reports.

Rock Snot

A brown, fuzzy alga called didymo is invading cold trout and salmon streams. Didymo, better know as rock snot, and perplexed scientists are trying to figure out how and why it's rapidly spreading in North America.

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Geo answer postcard

For today's Geo Quiz, we asked what direction you're traveling in if you're crossing the Panama by train from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The answer is northwest. Reporter Murray Carpenter recently took the train ride and sent us an audio postcard.


Geo answer

For our Geo Quiz today we were looking for a Central American country that's a popular stopover for migrating hawks. Panama is the answer, and reporter Murray Carpenter takes us to a hawk watch in Panama City.

Buckets of Trout

Brook trout are in trouble throughout much of their native range in the eastern United States ?but they're alive and well in the waters of Maine.