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The movie "Caramel" tells the story of five very different women living in Beirut. Writer, director, and star Nadine Labaki set the film in a beauty parlor, and paints a bittersweet portrait of everyday life in the Middle East. Produced by Studio 360's Michele Siegel.

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Translating Judy Blume

Zarife Öztürk works at a publishing house in Istanbul. A few years ago she made it her mission to translate Judy Blume's children's books into Turkish. Öztürk fell in love with Blume's books when she was 10 years old, and about to attend school in America for the first time. Produced by Michele Siegel.

Arts, Culture & Media

The Big Gondry

Inspired by his new film "Be Kind Rewind," director Michel Gondry created a special exhibit of movie sets at the Deitch Projects art gallery in New York, where people can walk in and make their own movies. So Studio 360's Michele Siegel gathered her co-workers to remake The Coen brothers cult hit, "The Big Lebowski" -- starring Kurt in the title role. (With production help from Katie Rolnick.)

Arts, Culture & Media

Emmanuel Dongala

When the Congolese civil war broke out in 1998, the novelist Emmanuel Dongala and his family fled Brazzaville. While he was hiding with 40 others in a house as rockets hissed by and exploded just a few meters away, books became Dongala's refuge. Produced by Michele Siegel.

Arts, Culture & Media

Sarajevo Blues

Aleksandar Hemon, the author of the novel Nowhere Man, was in Chicago in 1992 when the war began in his hometown of Sarajevo. He found out much as he could, through TV news, phone calls, and letters from friends -- and found solace through the poetry of Semezdin Mehmedinovic. Produced by Michele Siegel.