Micael Corey

Michael Corey

Senior News Applications Developer

Michael Corey is the senior news applications developer for Reveal. He specializes in mapping, front-end Web development and interface design. He has distilled large datasets into compelling and easily understandable stories on topics ranging from pesticides and drug seizures on the U.S.-Mexico border to the border fence system, public employee pay and seismic safety in California schools and near nuclear power plants. Corey's work has been honored with the Polk Award, the IRE Medal and other national awards. He previously worked for the Des Moines Register and graduated from Drake University. Corey is based in Reveal's Emeryville, California, office.

Recent Stories


Are we causing earthquakes in Oklahoma?

It's not just fracking. Wastewater injection in Oklahoma has been linked to an increased number of earthquakes. And the increase is dramatic. In 2014, the state had three times more earthquakes than California.