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Arts, Culture & Media

Mona Lisa model mystery

Reporter Megan Williams tells us about an effort under way at a former convent in Florence, Italy to identify the remains of the woman who might have been the model for Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa."

Global Politics

Beatification of Pope John Paul II

Megan Williams previews the beatification ceremeny this weekend in Rome for Pope John Paul the Second. The speed with which the Vatican has gone through the beatification process may have curtailed the number of people travelling to Rome for the occasion.

Conflict & Justice

Reforming Tunisia's justice system

Moves to restructure the justice system in Tunisia are hitting a roadblock: members of the former regime still control the judiciary and are stalling the work of an anti-corruption commission. Reporter Megan Williams has the story from Tunis.

Conflict & Justice

Tunisians push for new elections

Megan Williams reports from Tunisia where the protesters who toppled the country's president continue to protest. Their goal is to ensure that new elections are held and that all members of the former regime leave power.

Arts, Culture & Media

Tuscany textiles

We're looking for a city in Tuscany for our Geo Quiz today. It's known for its fabrics, its delicious biscotti, and now for its growing Chinese community. The city has the second largest Chinese immigrant population in Italy.

Global Politics

Mediterranean island

The shores of a Mediterranean island are on our radar today. It's part of Italy, the largest the three Pelagian Islands south of Sicily. Thousands of Tunisians recently fled to this tiny Italian outpost. Can you name the Italian island they've landed on?

Global Politics

Italy's campaign against bottled water

An Italian supermarket chain is urging its customers to stop buying bottled water from far away sources because of the pollution caused when the water is transported. Megan Williams reports on the campaign, and why some are skeptical about the motives.