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Garage Inventors

All over the country, amazing science is happening without institutional or government funding. We visit inventors working in garages, basements, even a Quonset hut on a farm.

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Writing the Next Wall Street

Screenwriters are busy trying to figure out how to tell the story of our current economic collapse as entertainment. The cinematic gold standard for financial movies is still Oliver Stone's "Wall Street," from 1987. Matthew Cavnar spoke to some writers struggling to craft a "Wall Street" for our times.

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Iraqi Boy Band

When UTN1 first formed in the late '90s, the Baghdad boys rebelled against conservative Muslim culture by embracing fun and frivolous Western pop. But they're no longer writing escapist fare; after fleeing to Lebanon, all they want to write about is Iraq. Produced by Matthew Cavnar.

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Urim & Thummim

A man walks into a Goodwill store and walks out with an oracle that communicates the will of God. Not a bad find for 69 cents. The documentary ?Urim & Thummim? tells the true story of Todd Walker, the finder of this purported relic, and his quixotic mission to share his treasure with the world. Produced by Matthew Cavnar.

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National Secrets

Photographer Taryn Simon spent five years quietly gaining access to all sorts of secret hazardous places across the U.S., including a munitions test site, a nuclear waste storage facility, and a wildlife refuge. The images are collected An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar. Produced by Matthew Cavnar.