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Bolivian President Caught in the Middle

Evo Morales, Bolivia’s president, wants to develop the country’s rich natural resources, including fossil fuels. But he's also obligated to respect the wishes of indigenous Amazon tribes and local farmers.

Conflict & Justice

Georgians try trials by jury

The former Soviet Republic of Georgia is just starting to offer jury trials on a limited basis, but most Georgians are unfamiliar with the concept. So Americans are playing a role in helping Georgians get ready. Reporter Mary Stucky has some examples.

Arts, Culture & Media


Aldo Villegas, also known as Bocafloja, is one of the most popular independent rappers in Spanish and, as Mary Stucky reports, over the years he's acquired a huge following in both Mexico and the United States.

Arts, Culture & Media

Alexandra Bounxouei

Alexandra Bounxouei is a teen idol in Laos. She's young and vivacious, with a legion of fans at home and around the world. She's also a classically trained violinist. Mary Stucky has the story of the 'Lao Princess of Pop.'

Global Politics

Mexico's new hot button issues

Abortion and gay rights have traditionally been off-limit topics during political campaigns in Mexico. But that's changed since Mexico City legalized both abortion and gay marriage. Mary Stucky reports from Mexico City.

The Battery of Southeast Asia

The small country Laos wants to pay for development by building dams and selling the power generated by the Mekong River. But many environmental groups fear dams will devastate Laos' unique biodiversity.

Global Politics

Unexploded bombs in Laos

Many people in rural Laos try to make a living by collecting and selling scrap metal they find in the jungle. But much of that scrap metal comes from unexploded bombs left over from the Vietnam War. Reporter Mary Stucky has the story.

Conflict & Justice

Nicaragua's approach to gang violence

Many Central American countries deal with their urban gang problems with fierce crackdowns and harsh prison sentences. Nicaragua is trying a different strategy... one that's brought peace to many gang neighborhoods. Reporter Mary Stucky explains.