Mary McCann

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BirdNote: Vocabularies of Birdsong

Around the world at any given time, a songbird is singing, and as BirdNotes Mary McCann reports, though the notes and tune of their songs differ, all of them are part of an ensemble, laying claim to territory and mates.

BirdNote: Eating Well Together

Many species of birds dine alone, avoiding competition for food, but the temperate woodlands chickadees, kinglets and downy woodpeckers forage and feast better togetherrustling up more food than they would alone while keeping a watch for predators.

Crested Auklets Winter in the Bering Sea

In the winter months, the Bering Sea is frigid and hostile to most species, but the Crested Auklet, a petite seabird, calls it home. BirdNotes Mary McCann explains how this whimsical-looking puffin cousin thrives amongst the icy waves.

Lead-Free Ammunition Saves Waterfowl

In the fall, migratory birds are hunted for sport, and the ammunition that misses the mark often ends up in the surviving birds digestive tracts. Mary McCann reports that switching from lead pellets to non-toxic ammunition paradoxically helps protect the future of waterfowl and their ecosystem.

BirdNote : Vernal Equinox

One of the most joyful features of the spring is the way birds seem to sing from every tree and bush.


Gliding With Tropicbirds: Above the sun-baked beaches of the Hawaiian islands, glistening white Tropicbirds float with long tail feathers streaming out behind them.

Bird Note : Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffins disappeared from Maines Muscongus Bay for more than 100 years when researchers reintroduced six chicks. They were expected to return to the spot where they fledged but scientists found they needed a little coaxing from an unexpected source- puffin decoys.