Marissa Lorusso

Marissa Lorusso


I was summer intern at The World, and a student at American University's School of International Service. I'm pursuing my Master's in International Communication, focusing on intercultural relations.

Mostly, I like to learn about the interactions among culture, gender and language around the world. I also love hearing, telling  — and helping people tell! — great stories, which is what led me to fall in love with radio.

Outside of school and work, I spend most of my time running, writing music and planning my next road trip.

Recent Stories


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They farm on a set, but the stakes are high. These are the stars of a reality show called "Female Food Heroes," a Tanzanian TV show produced by Oxfam that aims to empower and educate rural women who feed most of the families in the African nation.


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Donald Trump’s tweets about immigration aren’t just getting reactions from Americans anymore — they’ve started to upset someone purporting to be the escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo. A confrontation flared up on Twitter between @ElChap0Guzman and @RealDonaldTrump and has sparked outrage and comedy from the Latino community.