Marina Giovannelli

Marina Giovannelli

Environmental Reporting Fellow

Marina Giovannelli joined The World as a Metcalf Environmental Reporting Fellow in October, 2009. She covers the science, politics and economics of global environmental issues.

Before joining The World, Marina worked as a producer for NPR's Morning Edition and Marina recently covered science and immigration for the NPR affiliate in Wilmington, NC. The North Carolina Associated Press named Marina 'Rookie Reporter of the Year' and awarded her reporting 'Best use of Sound'. A native of Mexico City, Marina speaks fluent Spanish and has reported for NPR from Mexico. Marina earned her Bachelor's of Science from the University of California at San Diego in neuroscience and environmental chemistry.

When she is not reporting or reading news, Marina is probably in a yoga class, whipping up a culinary experiment or checking out a new band.

Recent Stories


US resumes deportation of Haitians

The United States is resuming its policy of deporting Haitians. This month will be the first time they've deported people since before the devastating earthquake in January 2010. Marina Giovannelli reports from Miami.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Venezuela's energy crisis

Rolling blackouts have been a daily reality for Venezuelans since last winter. That's when a prolonged drought began to cut the output of the hydroelectric dam that provides 70 percent of the country's electricity. The World's Marina Giovannelli reports.