Portrait of Manuel Rueda

Manuel Rueda

Manuel Rueda is a freelance journalist based in Bogota, Colombia where he has been living for the past five years. Manuel has covered the peace deal between Colombia's government and the FARC rebels, Venezuela's political crisis and how Colombia is adapting to the arrival of more than one million Venezuelan migrants. He is a dual citizen of Colombia and Venezuela and always ready to travel. Last year he also produced stories in Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.  

Recent Stories

Colombian march for hostage release

Manuel Rueda reports on a public outcry in Colombia, calling on the government and leftist rebels to come up with a deal to release hundreds of hostages held in the Colombian jungle.

Global Politics

US support for Colombia

President Bush called Colombia's president to express US support for the South American nation. Colombia sparked a regional crisis with a military operation inside Ecuador that killed a Colombian rebel leader