Malik Ayub Sumbal

Freelance Reporter

Malik has won the Syracuse University  Mirror Award for 2012; The S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University confers the Mirror Awards annually to honor excellence in reporting on the media industry.  He is currently working as a “Freelance Correspondent” to multiple international media oulets including Al Jazeera, Gulf News, Deutsche Welle (DW), Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), The Diplomat, Asia Calling Radio, The Foreigner, iMediaEthics and some others.Malik has been reporting on the Terrorism, Democracy, Security and Defense, Society and Culture, International Development, Conflict Resolution, Human Rights and Peace building issues from Pakistan for the last one decade to international media.He is also a senior analyst on the various developing news from Pakistan and across the region in South Asia. He is an expert on Taliban's and al-Qaeda, South Asian security & defense and strategic studies.

Recent Stories


South Asian leaders try new ways to reduce child marriage

UNICEF reports that Nepal is among the 20 countries with the highest rates of child marriage — and its location in South Asia places it in the region with the most child marriages in the world. But the Nepalese government and local NGOs have been working together over the past few years to end the practice once and for all.

Water scarcity heightens tensions between India and Pakistan

In 2013, the Asian Development Bank declared Pakistan as one of the most “water-stressed” countries in the world. One of the hardest hit areas is the Sindh province, in the northernmost region of Pakistan. It shares a border with India. This land is mostly desert so migration in search of water is a way of life. Those who live here say that India is making their life harder and could be a source of conflict between the two countries.