Madeleine Brand


Madeleine Brand has had a long career in public media. Most recently, she was special correspondent for KCET's award-winning nightly news show SoCal Connected. Prior to that, she created and hosted her own daily public radio news show.

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Middle East comedians are using ISIS to make jokes

The rise of ISIS and their brutal acts of terror have been a horrifying development in the past year. And yet within in the Middle Eastern artistic community, an unlikely group of voices has begun to stand up to try and combat’s the group’s message of fear and intolerance: comedians.

Conflict & Justice

Moroccan Film Examines the Roots of Terrorism

The film "Horses of God" talks about one of the most tragic events in recent Moroccan history, the 2003 suicide bombings in Casablanca that killed dozens. Host Madeleine Brand speaks with the director of the film about why it's important for Moroccans to tell their own story about terrorism.