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Global Politics

U.S. envoy visits Israel

U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell is in Israel today. It's his first trip to the region since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took office. Reporter Linda Gradstein has the story.

Global Politics

Netanyahu's new govermment

Benjamin Netanyahu returns to the post of Israeli prime minister today. Netanyahu's new coalition government includes the religious Shas party, which will hold the Housing ministry -- the office that oversees Jewish settlements. Linda Gradstein reports from Jerusalem.

Global Politics

Hillary Clinton in Jerusalem

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Israeli leaders in Jerusalem today. Clinton stressed that Israel could count on continued support from the US, but also said the Obama Administration will work hard towards an independent Palestinian state.

Conflict & Justice

Gaza ban lifted

For the past month, foreign journalists have not been allowed to go into Gaza. But that ban is now over. Today reporter Linda Gradstein went into Gaza, and she tells us what she saw there.