Leo Hornak

Leo Hornak

Leo Hornak is a former reporter and producer in London for PRI's The World. He previously worked at BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme and BBC 2’s Newsnight.

Leo also make radio documentaries; his report on the US green card lottery was made into an hour long story for This American Life. 

He occasionally venture into print — in the past  The Sunday Times, the Independent and Timeout Mumbai have been kind enough to accept my scribblings.

Leo's work has won prizes at the One World Media Awards and the New York Festivals.

And, Leo is also a founder of In The Dark- a non-profit devoted to screening strange and wonderful pieces of radio in strange and wonderful venues.


Recent Stories


How London became obsessed with the golden supercars of a Saudi billionaire

The supercars and their super-rich owners are back. Every spring, certain exclusive neighborhoods of London change. Usually quiet backstreets fill with the roar of revving engines and screeching tires. Parking bays fill with exotic creations. A Rolls in bright purple. A Merc encrusted with thousands of Swarowski crystals. And this year, a fleet of supercars with a matching gold finish.


Failed rhino heist brings Dead Zoo Gang to justice

Not every criminal gang is content with traditional targets. This week, a jury in Britain convicted thirteen members of the so-called ‘Dead Zoo Gang’ of involvement in a series of highly specialised robberies, with targets including rhino horns, museum treasures and Chinese antiquities.


How Apple vs. the FBI would play out in Britain and France

The FBI and Apple are battling over whether Apple must help the government gain access to the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter, reigniting America's ongoing debate of the balance between national security and individual privacy. But the same tension is also being felt in Europe.