Leo Hornak

Leo Hornak

Leo Hornak is a former reporter and producer in London for PRI's The World. He previously worked at BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme and BBC 2’s Newsnight.

Leo also make radio documentaries; his report on the US green card lottery was made into an hour long story for This American Life. 

He occasionally venture into print — in the past  The Sunday Times, the Independent and Timeout Mumbai have been kind enough to accept my scribblings.

Leo's work has won prizes at the One World Media Awards and the New York Festivals.

And, Leo is also a founder of In The Dark- a non-profit devoted to screening strange and wonderful pieces of radio in strange and wonderful venues.


Recent Stories


The story of two brothers, one green card and Trump's ban

For the past three years, our reporter in London, Leo Hornak, has kept in close touch with two brothers from Somalia, both refugees. They fled the violence of the extremist group al-Shabab. But their fates have diverged. One got lucky, receiving a US green card. He's now living in Maine. The other is still waiting to get refugee status in the US. But with Trump's immigrant and refugee ban, it's not looking good.