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Lifestyle & Belief

Alexandra Styron: Reading Her Father

The novelist William Styron has a string of best-sellers to his name — Lie Down in Darkness, published when he was only 26. But Styron's later years were a struggle and did not publish another novel in the 25 years before he died, in 2006.

Arts, Culture & Media

Monopoly Redesigned

We collected dozens of inspired suggestions from listeners, and delivered them to veteran game designer Brenda Brathwaite. This week she reveals an investment game she created with her partner Ian Schreiber.


The Blind Astrophysicist

Wanda Diaz, an astrophysicist from Puerto Rico, is blind, and working on new ways to measure and represent what's going on in outer space. Her technique may help those of us who can see, as well.

Conflict & Justice

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

At LA MOCA, a big new survey called Art in the Streets looks at the last forty years of graffiti. The LAPD arrested several graffiti artists the same week of the opening. Arts writer Carolina Miranda tells Kurt Andersen the reaction is overblown.