Katy Clark

Katy Clark


Katy Clark is a Massachusetts native, but got her radio start as a reporter and deejay at KNOM in Nome, Alaska. She says working in rural Alaska taught her how powerful a lifeline radio news can be. In Alaska, Katy was bringing events from the Lower 48 and abroad to isolated villages and gold mining camps. She says reporting for The World is all about bringing the news of the rest of the world to an American audience. Katy's found both experiences can be rewarding, and a lot of fun.

Katy formerly was a reporter and producer with NPR's weekly sports program, Only A Game.

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Arts, Culture & Media

Journey to China

In the Geo Quiz we hear from a traveler who visited his in-laws for the holidays. His nearly 7,000 mile journey started in Denver: He went to a place known in Chinese as Dongbei. Do you know what the region is called in English?

Conflict & Justice

Turkish gays and the military

Military service is mandatory in Turkey, and its policy on homosexuals serving in the military is that Turkey's armed forces consider gays ineligible to serve. From Istanbul, Matthew Brunwasser reports on Turkey's policy of 'will ask, must tell.'

Conflict & Justice

Germany ends mandatory army service

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with reporter Peter Craven with Deutsche Welle television in Berlin, about the change in Germany from a conscript army to an all-volunteer force. Today Germany's last group of conscripts start their six month military service.


Floods in Australia

Floods are devastating north-eastern Australia. Three people are dead and tens of thousands have lost their homes. The BBC's Nick Bryant reports from one of the worst affected cities, Rockhampton.