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Global Politics

Your Health: The Cost of Prevention

Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich discusses health care reform with Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. The Takeaway also hears from Rutgers professor Louise Russell, whose research challenges the idea that preventive medicine lowers medical costs.

Global Politics

Messages From Iran

As protests continue, our partners at the BBC continue to receive emails direct from Iran. Joining The Takeaway is the BBC's Siavash Ardalan, a presenter with an international talk show program at the BBC's Persian TV in London.

Global Politics

The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

Much has been made of the microblog Twitter and its influence on the ongoing protests in Iran. Nicholas Thompson is the senior editor at Wired, and he joins The Takeaway with his thoughts on whether the revolution will be tweeted.

Global Politics

In Iran, Echoes of Revolutions Past

To help The Takeaway analyze the Iranian protests is Columbia University professor of Iranian Studies Hamid Dabashi . Also joining the discussion is Ali, an engineer in Tehran and a supporter of opposition candidate Mir Hussein Mousavi.