Katherine Lanpher

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So long, Olympic softball

A few years ago, the International Olympics Committee knocked softball off the list of 2012 sports, though its popularity has been growing since 1996, its first Games. For girls around the world, the Olympics will forever be a dream.


Swim stars huge in U.S. media, ho-hum in China's

One can hardly turn on a screen in the United States without seeing Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. But, in China, coverage of the record-setting team is slim. On the other hand, Chinese coverage of judo and badminton -- even American badminton -- dwarf the American equivalent.


Can China control the weather?

China is tightly managing every aspect of the Olympics, even trying to control the weather. They're using cloud-seeding techniques, both to create rain to reduce smog and to steer rain away from outdoor events. The Takeaway takes a closer look at the often colorful efforts to control the weather.