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Global Politics

The Future of the Kennedy Dynasty

What does Eunice Kennedy Shriver death means for one of the greatest political dynasties in the history of the United States? Political columnist Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe joins The Takeaway with a look at who might inherit the Kennedy crown.

Global Politics

Is Michigan the New Cuba?

The 229 detainees still housed at Guant-namo Bay may be moved to a maximum security prison in Standish, Michigan. The Takeaway speaks to Detroit Free Press reporter Kathleen Gray and to the mayor of Standish, Kevin King.


In the Game: Vick, PGA

After serving a two year prison sentence, Michael Vick will return to professional football with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Takeaway's sports contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin forecasts how the former quarterback will fare in his new job.

Arts, Culture & Media

Mad About 'Mad Men'

AMC is kicking off the third season of its runaway hit, Mad Men. The Takeaway is joined by Eric Deggans, media critic for the St. Petersburg Times, and Cindy Gallop, advertising consultant and former chairperson of the advertising agency BBH.