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What do Kids Learn from Playing Team Sports?

Studies show that children who are pushed hard in sports can develop negative personality traits. The Takeaway talks to Kate Dailey, writer for Newsweek's ?Human Condition' blog, author Mark Hyman, and Takeaway Sports Contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin.

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Defending a $100 Million Pay Package

Citigroup is arguing that its energy trader deserves $100 million. Takeaway finance expert Alvin Hall looks at the bank's argument, and we also speak to small business owner Matt Spaulding and clerical worker Judy Coughlin about their opinions.

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The Future of the Kennedy Dynasty

What does Eunice Kennedy Shriver death means for one of the greatest political dynasties in the history of the United States? Political columnist Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe joins The Takeaway with a look at who might inherit the Kennedy crown.

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Is Michigan the New Cuba?

The 229 detainees still housed at Guant-namo Bay may be moved to a maximum security prison in Standish, Michigan. The Takeaway speaks to Detroit Free Press reporter Kathleen Gray and to the mayor of Standish, Kevin King.