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Global Politics

Why Argentines invest in cars

Car sales are booming in Argentina, but it's not just because Argentines want to get out on the road. As Julia Kumari Drapkin reports, Argentines are buying cars as a hedge against inflation.


Budget brawling and airline pilots punching

A fiscal debate gets physical in the Upper House. China and Argentina make up over the soy oil saga. The economy reaches record (nominal) growth, although inflation is rising. Plus, the nation watches the rescue of a girl trapped in a well, and the president declares wine the national drink.

Global Politics

Argentina tests stolen children

The stolen children of Argentina's 'disappeared' are now being forced to learn who they really are through DNA testing. Reporter Julia Kumari Drapkin profiles the case of one woman who initiated the DNA drive about 10 years ago.

Conflict & Justice

New Orleans' undocumented workers

Construction has slowed almost everywhere in the US. Everywhere, except New Orleans. One New Orleans attorney is leading the charge to help the city's new Latino work force fight for their pay. The world's Julia Kumari Drapki reports.