Julia Barton

Julia Barton

Julia is a long-time public media editor and reporter. She started freelancing for PRI’s The World in 1999, and has reported from Russia, Ukraine and the US/Mexico border. Her work has appeared on Radiolab, NPR News, Marketplace, PRI's Studio 360, and the podcast 99% Invisible, among other shows.

Julia is the former senior editor for Across Women’s Lives, PRI's special coverage of gender equity and the role of women in society.

Julia has been an editor for APM’s Weekend America and the podcast Life of the Law, as well as editorial coordinator for PRX's Radiotopia podcast network. She earned an MFA in nonfiction writing from the University of Iowa and got her start in radio as a board-op at WSUI in Iowa City, where she cut reel-to-reel tape with razor blades in the world before digital audio took over.

Recent Stories


Sochi says goodbye to its Soviet era and hello to a modern Olympics

Reporter Julia Barton went to Sochi two years ago to check on the preparations for the Winter Games. Now that the games are in less than two weeks, she's traveled back to the city. Barton said there's been an explosion of construction in Sochi. But she's also noticed many empty skyscrapers and shopping malls, like "high-end ghost towns.