Joseph Braude


Joseph Braude is an author, broadcaster, and Middle East specialist. He studied Near Eastern Languages at Yale and Arabic and Islamic history at Princeton, and is fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian, and has lived, studied, and worked in most Middle Eastern capitals. 

On the airwaves, Braude is a regular contributor to Public Radio International's America Abroad, a periodic commentator on NPR and PRI news programs, and the host of Eye on Arabia, a weekly podcast in English. Since July 2010, his weekly commentary in Arabic, "Risalat New York" ("Letter from New York"), has aired nationally in Morocco on Radio MED. It is now available as a podcast. He makes guest appearances on leading pan-Arab TV networks, including Al-Arabiya and Rusya al-Yawm.


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Global Politics

Saudi Arabia, Gulf States Increasingly Skeptical of US Commitment

America is nearing a nuclear deal with Iran, leaving traditional allies like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States nervous about US commitment to their interests. Saudi Arabian columnist and former fighter pilot Turad Al-Amri offers the Saudi perspective, with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States looking to superpowers China and Russia to balance the equation. Produced by Joseph Braude.