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Global Politics

Cane rats as delicacy

In parts of Africa cane rats are considered a delicacy.In Cameroon the government is promoting cane rat husbandry to provide income to small farmers and to reduce hunting pressure on wildlife. Correspondent Jori Lewis has the story from Yaounde.

Global Politics

Senegal farmers push local food movement

Buying produce that's grown nearby is good for the community, good for the planet and good for your health. Farmers in the nation of Senegal are trying to make that case to their countrymen, but it's not so easy. The World's Jori Lewis has the story.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Senegal's fishing crisis

People in the West African country of Senegal have made their living from the sea for generations. But overfishing has put the region's fish stocks in crisis. And the Senegalese are struggling to find a solution. Jori Lewis has this report.