Jonathan Kealing

Jonathan Kealing

I am a former executive editor for and was with Public Radio International 2011-2018, based in Minneapolis. I came to PRI to help relaunch as a destination for serious journalism and community.

I was news editor then deputy editor through 2016 and became executive editor in 2017.

At, I oversee the work of our social team to encourage interaction and engagement with out site visitors, as well as's story editors who commission and edit the stories we publish. In addition, I work with reporters and editors from PRI's shows to improve our digital storytelling and make our journalism better.

Prior to coming to PRI, I worked for The World Company in Lawrence, Kan., where I oversaw a group of websites devoted to local news, sports and community health. I've also spent time as a reporter covering higher education.

In addition to my work for, I'm active in journalism circles — guest-lecturing at colleges and universities, participating in a teaching program that sends American journalists to China and as immediate past president of the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists.

Outside of journalism, I'm a father, avid reader, travel-geek, amateur photographer, husband and dog-owner. I'm always in search of my next great trip and am eager to talk to visitors about how we can help make your experience here better.

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