Jonathan Adams

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Jonathan Adams reports on Taiwan for GlobalPost. Adams has covered China and Taiwan since 2002. He began working for Newsweek in 2003 and has been the magazine's Taiwan correspondent since 2004, covering cross-strait relations, economics, technology and culture. He has also contributed to The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Far Eastern Economic Review, Newsweek Japan, Asia Times, the South China Morning Post and others. He's covered two Taiwan elections and filed on topics including the cross-strait military balance, China's nuclear weapons buildup, fortune tellers' political predictions, a vanishing Aboriginal tribe and the mini-laptop craze. In China, he has reported on China's endangered tiger population from a tiger farm, on environmental problems from a polluted lake outside Kunming, and on the challenge of improving food safety. Mr. Adams grew up in Kansas, Kentucky and Virginia and received an MA in International Affairs from Columbia University in 2003.

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