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Geo answer

We were looking for the Arab city that was home to the Thousand-and-One Nights, and where there's now a surge in plastic surgery. The answer is Baghdad. The BBC's Jim Muir reports on the rise in demand in Baghdad for comestic transformations.

Global Politics

Al-Qaeda leaders killed

Iraqi authorities say they have killed another leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. This follows the death of two other al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders on Sunday. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Jim Muir in Baghdad.

Global Politics

Three bomb attacks hit Baghdad

At least twenty-eight people have been killed in a number of explosions in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. More than ninety people are reported to have been wounded. Violence continues during post-election vacuum. The BBC's Jim Muir reports.

Conflict & Justice

Baghdad rocked by deadly triple blast

At least 36 people have died in three large explosions apparently targeting hotels in the heart of Iraq's capital. More than 70 were injured in the Baghdad blasts, which police said were caused by suicide car bombers. The BBC's Jim Muir is in Baghdad.

Conflict & Justice

Deadly explosion in Baghdad

Six days before US combat troops are scheduled to withdraw from Iraqi urban areas, another deadly explosion hits Baghdad. More than 55 are reported killed. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with the BBC's Jim Muir.

Conflict & Justice

Explosions in Iraq

Iraqi police say at least 23 people were killed today in a series of explosions in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the BBC's Jim Muir in Baghdad.

Conflict & Justice

Iraq explodes into violence

Yesterday, Iraq saw one of its bloodiest days of the year. The city of Kirkuk exploded into a cauldron of ethnic violence. Separate suicide bombings shook Baghdad. All told, at least 61 people were killed. Guest: Jim Muir, BBC correspondent, in Baghdad.