Jillian Weinberger

Jillian Weinberger


Jillian Weinberger is a producer for The Takeaway through a partnership with The Center for Investigative Reporting. At The Takeaway, Jillian produces stories on national and international affairs, law and justice, politics, and the arts. She also helps plans the show's future news calendar and produces live coverage during breaking news events. In 2013, she received fellowships from the International Center for Journalists and Loyola Law School's Journalist Law School in Los Angeles. Originally from Cleveland, Jillian holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University and lives in San Francisco.

Recent Stories


How a two-and-a-half block walk threatens to tear a family apart

Danielle and Alexander Meitive of Silver Spring, Maryland, think their kids should be allowed to play in their neighborhood without being constantly watched. But the state of Maryland disagrees, and has threatened to take their children away — a threat that may be far more damaging than just the risks of playing alone.


How do you say 'pied-à-terre' in Chinese?

It's no secret that big American cities like New York are awash in new luxury condos. But many of the people buying them aren't locals: They're investors from China and other Asian countries who are creating a huge foreign investment boom in American real estate.


A safe space for teen girls to meet 'non-terrible adults' online

The 18-year-old actress and fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson started an online magazine three years ago as a safe place for teen girls curious about the wider world. It features frank talk and a chance to ask advice from celebrities. Comedian Stephen Colbert to singer Karen O are among those whose stepped up to the videocam for the site.