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Conflict & Justice

President Obama's reception in Russia

President Obama is not as popular in Russia as in other parts of the world. Jessica Golloher reports from Moscow why Russians are less enthusiastic about Mr. Obama, even as the US President tries to re-start relations with Russia on a more positive note.

Global Politics

Russian dolls bailout

Jessica Goloher reports from Moscow on the Russian government's promise to bail out one of its iconic but troubled industries. Sales of the colorful wooden nesting dolls known as 'Matrioshka,' are plummeting, and their makers are looking for support.

Lifestyle & Belief

Love and marriage in Russia

Families are declining in Russia. And the Kremlin is taking action. The government plans to boost the number of large families by giving parents cash incentives to have more kids. But Reporter Jessica Golloher says women in Moscow aren't interested.

Global Politics

Russian reaction to swine flu

Correspondent Jessica Golloher reports that the Russian government is taking precautions to prevent the spread of swine flu...but their methods have Russian travelers feeling more puzzled than prepared.

Global Politics

Fierce competition for mayor of Sochi

The Russian political event of the year may very well be hundreds of miles from Moscow. A ballerina, a porn star, a billionaire, and an arm wrestling champion are all among the candidates for mayor of Sochi, the resort town that will host the 2014 Winter Olympics. Jessica Golloher has the story.

Arts, Culture & Media

Battle of the vodkas

Correspondent Jessica Golloher tells us about a battle of the vodkas in Russia. Two brands, one named after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the other after President Dmitry Medvedev, are vying for a share of the vodka market in Russia.