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Aha Moment: Jane Austen

Gina Fattore writes for Showtime's racy "Californication," but she learned about love from Jane Austen. Fattore was a newspaper copy editor when she saw "Clueless" (a Beverly Hills version of Austen's "Emma") and decided to change her path. Produced by Jenny Lawton.

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From Lieutenant to Lola

To see S. Epatha Merkerson be tough, just turn on a TV and look for "Law and Order"'s Lt. Anita Van Buren. But to see her smile, you'll have to catch her in the Broadway revival of "Come Back, Little Sheba." Jenny Lawton finds out whether Merkerson is a tough cookie or as nice as pie. (With production help from Andrea Silenzi.)

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Aha Moment: Edith Piaf

The French singer and cultural icon had a tumultuous life, as moviegoers are seeing in the Oscar-nominated biopic, "La Vie En Rose." Marion Cotillard's extraordinary portrayal of Piaf prompted Studio 360 listener Bill Mankin to write us about how he fell for her. Produced by Jenny Lawton.