Picture of Jeff Douglas.

Jeff Douglas

As it Happens co-host Jeff Douglas brings a wealth of experience telling the stories of Canadians to CBC Radio One. He has hosted the award-winning documentary series Ancestors in the Attic (History, Global), chronicling the stories of ordinary people and their extraordinary experiences.

Douglas has travelled across the country and back in time exploring the lives of the common worker throughout Canadian history in Working Over Time (History Television) as well as starring in the documentary series Things That Move (History Television/National Geographic Canada), investigating the triumphs and failures of invention and how machines have changed our lives. More recently, he starred in Making History (National Geographic), an internationally broadcast four-part series exploring and re-creating significant historic places and events.

Douglas also hosted the 161 country-wide live broadcast of Jetman Live (National Geographic), a live television event showcasing adventurer Yves Rossy's attempt to be the first person to fly across the English Channel using a jet pack.

With a background in narration, storytelling and considerable experience in theatre, Jeff Douglas's dynamic personality has allowed him to tackle the most obscure and interesting situations ranging from mushing dogs in Yukon to leaping out of planes with 442 Squadron search and rescue personnel.

Jeff Douglas has won numerous awards for his work including three Gemini nominations. He is also a Kari Award recipient for his popular commercial work, which includes playing Joe Canadian in the now legendary "I Am Canadian" campaign.

Born in Truro, Nova Scotia, Douglas currently lives and works in Toronto.