Jeb Sharp

Jeb Sharp

I joined the staff of The World in 1998 and have done almost every job in the newsroom since: reporter, producer, podcaster, backup host, show runner, special correspondent and now editor. Clearly I can't get enough of the place. I have reported for the show from Belgium, Bosnia, Canada, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Haiti, Gaza, Israel, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, the UK and across the US. I’ve received some nice honors along the way: a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard, two Overseas Press Club awards for “History of Iraq” and “How Wars End,” a Dart Award for “Rape as a Weapon of War, ” and a Sigma Delta Chi award from the Society of Professional Journalists for “Rwanda: Trying to Move On.” 


Recent Stories


How to bring high-speed trains to the US

Japan's high speed trains run upwards of 200 miles per hour while Amtrak's Acela can only go its top speed of 150 for short stretches. The reason? Outdated infrastructure. After World War II, the US invested in cars, not trains, and today its passenger railways lag far behind countries in Europe and Asia. Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter lays out a new vision for US transportation in her book "Move: Putting America's Infrastructure Back in the Lead."


This woman's job is to make Boston stronger

Meet the former active-duty Air Force member who will soon be Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Boston. She wanted to be an ornithologist when she was a kid but instead turned into an expert on homeland security, emergency preparedness and the social factors that make city dwellers vulnerable during disasters.


A mother, a daughter, a song

When my daughter was born it was one of the songs I reached for in the darkness. I pulled the long-sunken lyrics from the reaches of my mind, strand by strand, like a cartoon bird pulling a worm from the earth. Then I sang them to her, night after night.